~ Our Mission ~

To enrich and enhance the social and educational opportunities for our children as well as to foster lines of communication among parents, teachers, administrators, staff  and students within Bear Tavern.


On behalf of the Bear Tavern PTO we would like to thank you in advance for your generous contributions in our fundraising efforts. We all want to keep Bear Tavern at the forefront of learning, and offer activities of interest to our students. 
The Bear Tavern PTO offers support to the school in a variety of ways, including:
  • Enhancing Classroom Education: The BTPTO provides grants to help purchase items within the classrooms to enhance the education of our children. For example, we organize and run book fairs to raise funds to purchase books and supplies for the classrooms.
  • Education Outside of the Classroom: The BTPTO funds activities for extended learning outside of the classroom, including assemblies, visiting authors, and funding for class field trips (transportation and entry fees). 
  • Community Building: The BTPTO sponsors activities for the sole purpose of building community within our school. Some of the activities sponsored by the BTPTO are family nights, picnics, Octoberfest, Fun Runs, New Family Welcome, and Community Awareness Activities.
  • Support: The BTPTO organizes volunteers for school events and works to provide support for members of our school community. We recruit volunteers for the media center, classrooms (room parents), and to meet other school needs
 The Bear Tavern PTO is able to provide these opportunities through the support of the parents and guardians in our community. Members of our community volunteer their time to organize and volunteer at these programs and provide financial support by contributing to the Bear Tavern PTO's fundraising initiatives and, most importantly, the Annual Appeal.


How can you contribute to the BTPTO?


  • Donate to the Annual Appeal: Make a contribution to the campaign and support the activities that the Bear Tavern PTO provides for your child and all of our students.
  • Attend Fundraiser Events: Join us for the Bear Tavern PTO Fundraisers. Come to the Holiday Book Fair, the Kid's Holiday Shoppe, purchase books in the Scholastic Book Fair and join us for Together events.
  • Support BTPTO Fundraisers: We organize fundraisers throughout the year including:
    • Passive: Box Tops for Education
    • Active: Fall/Spring Events, Spirit Wear, Sales & Annual Appeal



These are easy ways to support your Bear Tavern PTO throughout the year!



Box Tops Bonus App 

Download the Box Tops Bonus App for Apple or Android devices and set up an account. You can scan receipts with your phone for bonus Box Tops! No more clipping and collecting needed!






** All of our fundraisers are completely optional and families can choose to support whichever fundraisers interest them. **



With your help we are looking forward to providing our children with

an amazing year filled with fun and learning.